The Best Hotels In the Caribbean

A trip to the Caribbean comes with not only a fun, exciting stay, but also great hotels. Some of the best hotels in the world are in the Caribbean, with many of them having luxury amenities and unobstructed sea views. In this post, I’ll be telling you the best hotels in the Caribbean. 5. JadeContinue reading “The Best Hotels In the Caribbean”

The Perfect 7 Day Spain Itinerary

Spain is a wonderful destination in southern Europe. It is known for having the southernmost point in continental Europe, as well as being a very colorful, festive place. This itinerary will be taking you through the best things to do in Spain for 7 days. And even though to see the whole country, you needContinue reading “The Perfect 7 Day Spain Itinerary”

Greece Travel FAQs

Greece is one of the most travelled-to countries in Europe, but with that comes lots of questions. When should I visit? Is it safe to visit during COVID-19? What’re the best places to go in Greece? I’ll be answering all those questions and more in this post. Is Greece Safe to Visit During COVID-19? GreeceContinue reading “Greece Travel FAQs”

Best Places To Visit In Greece

Greece is an amazing country that you should definitely visit. In this post, I’ll be telling you my favorite places to visit in Greece. Usually, a post like this would contain lots of islands, but I’m going to put lots of places on the mainland as well. Paros Paros is an island in the Cyclades.Continue reading “Best Places To Visit In Greece”

The Ultimate St. Lucia Travel Guide

St. Lucia is known as one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. We’ll give you everything you need to have an amazing vacation in St. Lucia, inculding tips and tricks to make your trip better than ever. (COVID-19 travel warning: If you wish to travel to St. Lucia, excersize mild caution. Learn moreContinue reading “The Ultimate St. Lucia Travel Guide”

Best Small Towns In California

California is mostly known for LA and San Francisco, but believe it or not, there are thousands of small towns all across the state. Despite the fires, many (in fact most) small towns are perfectly safe and up for a visit. Capitola, CA– population: 10,080 Capitola, located near the larger Californian city of Santa CruzContinue reading “Best Small Towns In California”

How to Pack Small For A Big Trip.

Despite the fact that most people aren’t travelling, there are still lots of people going on road trips, and can’t fit all they need in their car. So maybe that’s why you’re reading this. Or, possibly, you’re reading this because you have nothing better to do. That’s fine. Anyways… let’s get to the post. StepContinue reading “How to Pack Small For A Big Trip.”