Voyager’s Guide to Athens, Greece

Athens is an incredible place to visit in Greece. If you plan to go to Greece, some people say that Athens should be skipped, but I think that there is more to Athens than what first meets the eye. When in Athens, you’ll discover both mountain and city hikes, incredible day trips, ancient history, andContinue reading “Voyager’s Guide to Athens, Greece”

Voyager’s Guide to Santorini, Greece

Millions of people go to Santorini every year, and they don’t just come for the views. They come for the history, culture, and fun. In this guide, I’ll be telling you everything you need to know about Santorini. Table of Contents   1. Best things to do in Santorini Fira/Firostefani Oia Fira to Oia HikeContinue reading “Voyager’s Guide to Santorini, Greece”

Why do people like travelling?

Almost everyone wants to go somewhere they haven’t been before. Whether it’s a city, continent, country, or even restaurant. But why do people like travelling? 1.  It gives people a break. When you are on vacation, your mind is not exactly on work all the time, it is more on wherever you are. For example, ifContinue reading “Why do people like travelling?”

Mauritius or Reunion Island

Both Mauritius and Reunion Island are popular tourists destinations (though Mauritius is more frequently visited.) They are also really close to each other. So, let’s see which one is better for the ideal vacation: Mauritius or Reunion Island. Beaches Mauritius wins this one. Most people go to Mauritius just because of the beaches. Reunion Island hasContinue reading “Mauritius or Reunion Island”

Best Egadi Islands to Visit

The almost invisible Egadi Islands of the coast of western Sicily are a great place to visit if you are going to Trapani on your Sicily trip. There are 3 main Egadi Islands, and I am going to tell you the best. 1. Levanzo Levanzo, Egadi Islands   Levanzo is my favorite Egadi island. LittleContinue reading “Best Egadi Islands to Visit”

5 Best Countries to Visit in South America

South America is the third most visited continent in the world: behind Europe and North America. I will be listing the best countries to visit in South America. 1. Brazil Maceio, Brazil  I started with the largest country in South America. So what?  Brazil is a great place full of food, fun, and history. ItContinue reading “5 Best Countries to Visit in South America”

Voyagers’ Guide to the Peloponnese

When someone says the word “Greece”, what most people think of is islands and the blue churches of Santorini. Here’s something new to think about: the Peloponnese. If Athens is the big city, then the Peloponnese would be the countryside. You might be thinking, “Wow, the countryside. Sounds fascinating.”  Guess what? You’re RIGHT!!!! Here’s someContinue reading “Voyagers’ Guide to the Peloponnese”

Perfect 11- day Greece Itinerary

11 days in Greece will get you a perfect combination of history and relaxation. Day 1: Arrive in Athens- check in to your hotel- great hotels include: Hotel Grande Bretagne, Coco Mat Hotel Athens(luxury), FOS Residential Apartments, InnAthens(semi luxury) Hotel Cypria Athens, and Athens House(inexpensive) Relax at the hotel for the rest of the dayContinue reading “Perfect 11- day Greece Itinerary”