My Favorite Travel Vlogs and Websites

There are so many interesting websites and vlogs about travel (not just mine😄). This post will showcase some of my favorite travel vlogs and websites that’ll be a great reference to you for any trip. (Note: These vlogs and websites are in no particular order.) Santorini Dave Category: Website Santorini Dave started as a websiteContinue reading “My Favorite Travel Vlogs and Websites”

The Ultimate St. Lucia Travel Guide

St. Lucia is known as one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. We’ll give you everything you need to have an amazing vacation in St. Lucia, inculding tips and tricks to make your trip better than ever. (COVID-19 travel warning: If you wish to travel to St. Lucia, excersize mild caution. Learn moreContinue reading “The Ultimate St. Lucia Travel Guide”

How to Pack Small For A Big Trip.

Despite the fact that most people aren’t travelling, there are still lots of people going on road trips, and can’t fit all they need in their car. So maybe that’s why you’re reading this. Or, possibly, you’re reading this because you have nothing better to do. That’s fine. Anyways… let’s get to the post. StepContinue reading “How to Pack Small For A Big Trip.”

Exotic Islands- the Five Most Beautiful Islands In the World.

An island is what usually comes to mind when thinking of a vacation. These small, but amazing places draw people to them because of their reputation for clear water and beaches. And sure, not all islands are like that, but today I’m going to be listing the most beautiful islands in the world (in myContinue reading “Exotic Islands- the Five Most Beautiful Islands In the World.”

Country Combinations: A Guide To the Best Of Europe.

A normal vacation would take you to one country. Or state. But, what if you twisted it up a bit, and did two countries? So that’s why today, I’m going to show you the best country combinations in Europe. Italy and Greece This combination is classic. Two similar countries, but both with recognizable differences. They’reContinue reading “Country Combinations: A Guide To the Best Of Europe.”

The Ten Best Cyclades Islands In Greece.

The Cyclades are the most famous islands in Greece, but there are so many! How will you know what to choose? Well, I can help you out with that. Today, I’ll be listing the ten best Cyclades islands so that you can choose your favorite with no problem. 10. Ios Ios is an island inContinue reading “The Ten Best Cyclades Islands In Greece.”

Four Travel-Related Things To Do During Quarantine.

Some people might be busy in quarantine, but sometimes, that big gap of time is hard to fill up. So today, I’ll be telling you four different things, travel-related, that you can do in quarantine. Take a Virtual Tour Since we can’t exactly travel right now, taking a virtual tour is really important. You canContinue reading “Four Travel-Related Things To Do During Quarantine.”

Two Weeks In Northern Greece

On their first trip to Greece, most people do the idealized Athens, Santorini, another island combination. Pretty much no one looks to Northern Greece. The people who do, though, are the people who enjoy lakes, mountains, hikes, and yes, also islands and beaches. The northern section of Greece is a mountainous region, but it doesContinue reading “Two Weeks In Northern Greece”

Santorini or Mykonos?

Santorini and Mykonos are the two most famous and the two most visited islands in Greece. A common issue when planning a vacation to Greece is choosing between these islands. Shopping   Both these islands are amazing shopping spots, but Santorini has multiple towns with incredible shopping, like Fira, Oia, and Kamari, but Mykonos generallyContinue reading “Santorini or Mykonos?”

The Best 8 day Mauritius Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive at the airport Rent a car and drive to the hotel: I’ll list a budget, mid-range, luxury, and super luxury hotel: BUDGET: The Bay Resort; MID RANGE: Sunset Reef Resort and Spa; LUXURY: InterContinental Resort Balaclava Fort Mauritius; SUPER LUXURY: The Oberoi Resort Rest for the rest of the day and justContinue reading “The Best 8 day Mauritius Itinerary”