A Week In California: A Golden Itinerary For the Golden State.

All this time without travelling is getting on my nerves. That’s probably why I’m writing about California today: One of the most sought after destinations in the entire world. In this seven day itinerary, you’ll explore the tall buildings of Los Angeles, the piers at San Francisco, and a whole bucket of gold more. DayContinue reading “A Week In California: A Golden Itinerary For the Golden State.”

Best States to Visit in the U.S.

America is a big country. Every state is different, so I’ll be listing the top 5 states to visit in the U.S.- and why. The other 45 will have to wait. 1. Manhattan, New York You probably guessed it. My first pick is….   New York! Also, it says so in the caption. Aside from beingContinue reading “Best States to Visit in the U.S.”