Voyager’s Guide to Athens, Greece

Athens is an incredible place to visit in Greece. If you plan to go to Greece, some people say that Athens should be skipped, but I think that there is more to Athens than what first meets the eye. When in Athens, you’ll discover both mountain and city hikes, incredible day trips, ancient history, andContinue reading “Voyager’s Guide to Athens, Greece”

Best Day-Trip Islands From Athens

A lot of people don’t like big cities. That’s totally fine! But, when you’re in Athens and you need some of that island charm, there are a lot of great islands that are 30 minutes- 1.5 hours from Athens: making them the perfect day trips. 1.  Aegina Matt Barrett’s Greece Travel Aegina. This island hasContinue reading “Best Day-Trip Islands From Athens”

Perfect 11- day Greece Itinerary

11 days in Greece will get you a perfect combination of history and relaxation. Day 1: Arrive in Athens- check in to your hotel- great hotels include: Hotel Grande Bretagne, Coco Mat Hotel Athens(luxury), FOS Residential Apartments, InnAthens(semi luxury) Hotel Cypria Athens, and Athens House(inexpensive) Relax at the hotel for the rest of the dayContinue reading “Perfect 11- day Greece Itinerary”