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The Best Hotels In Portugal

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Greece Travel FAQs

Greece is one of the most travelled-to countries in Europe, but with that comes lots of questions. When should I visit? Is it safe to visit during COVID-19? What’re the best places to go in Greece? I’ll be answering all those questions and more in this post. Is Greece Safe to Visit During COVID-19? GreeceContinue reading “Greece Travel FAQs”

Europe Travel: Greece in 24 Days — Country Itinerary Two; Islands + Western Greece — Engaged Abroad

Reading Time: 2 minutes Engaged Abroad reader, Dhatri from Voyage the World, shares her ideal 24 day Greece itinerary. Her itinerary includes time on Greece’s popular south east islands and an exploration of Greece’s western board. Countries covered in this itinerary: Greece Europe Travel: Greece in 24 Days — Country Itinerary Two; Islands + WesternContinue reading “Europe Travel: Greece in 24 Days — Country Itinerary Two; Islands + Western Greece — Engaged Abroad”

Two Weeks In Northern Greece

On their first trip to Greece, most people do the idealized Athens, Santorini, another island combination. Pretty much no one looks to Northern Greece. The people who do, though, are the people who enjoy lakes, mountains, hikes, and yes, also islands and beaches. The northern section of Greece is a mountainous region, but it doesContinue reading “Two Weeks In Northern Greece”

Perfect 11- day Greece Itinerary

11 days in Greece will get you a perfect combination of history and relaxation. Day 1: Arrive in Athens- check in to your hotel- great hotels include: Hotel Grande Bretagne, Coco Mat Hotel Athens(luxury), FOS Residential Apartments, InnAthens(semi luxury) Hotel Cypria Athens, and Athens House(inexpensive) Relax at the hotel for the rest of the dayContinue reading “Perfect 11- day Greece Itinerary”

Santorini or Mykonos?

Santorini and Mykonos are the two most famous and the two most visited islands in Greece. A common issue when planning a vacation to Greece is choosing between these islands. Shopping   Both these islands are amazing shopping spots, but Santorini has multiple towns with incredible shopping, like Fira, Oia, and Kamari, but Mykonos generallyContinue reading “Santorini or Mykonos?”

Voyagers’ Guide to the Peloponnese

When someone says the word “Greece”, what most people think of is islands and the blue churches of Santorini. Here’s something new to think about: the Peloponnese. If Athens is the big city, then the Peloponnese would be the countryside. You might be thinking, “Wow, the countryside. Sounds fascinating.”  Guess what? You’re RIGHT!!!! Here’s someContinue reading “Voyagers’ Guide to the Peloponnese”

An Adventure Out Of London, A Rare View Of England.

It’s always been about London. “You’re going to England? Oh, tell me how you liked London.” People always assume that if you’re going to England, you’re going to London.  And it’s not like there’s a real reason not to. Most people, when they go to England go to London. Sometimes only London. And that’s what’s wrong. There’s so muchContinue reading “An Adventure Out Of London, A Rare View Of England.”

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