A Foodie’s Travel Guide

There’s more to food than cheeseburgers and bagels. If you really want to be a foodie, trying foreign foods is something you have to do. But, sometimes actually going to those countries with those foods will get you the best experience. In this post, I’ll be telling you a travel guide for foodies.



File:Lamb Gyros Sydney.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Gyro is a Greek dish. It is made of meat like pork, chicken, and lamb. Like a burrito, it is wrapped in pita bread, and ingredients are added such as tomatoes and onions.

On a trip to Greece, trying Gyro (also called gyros) usually on the top of people’s lists. Sure, you can get it back home, but isn’t always better when you’re in the actual home country of the food?

When in Greece, you may see something really interesting about Gyro: french fries in them. Despite how weird that might sound, it’s actually supposed to be really good. I mean, come on, a french fry roll? How awesome does that sound?

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Dosa is a south Indian dish kind of like a pancake or crepe. The difference is that dosa is traditionally savory, although there are some sweet forms of it as well. It is made of black gram and rice, which are mixed into a batter. Dosa is often served with chutney and sambar.

Bún Cha




Even though you can probably get these anywhere outside of France, these are still foreign foods (unless you live in France, of course). Macaroons is a meringue dessert similar to a sandwich cookie.

Macaroons come in many flavors, like chocolate, raspberry, and mocha. The filling is typically jam, buttercream, or ganache.

Macaroons are definitely something you should try when in France. (Or when not in France; you should just try them.)

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Piri Piri Chicken (Galinha à Zambeziana)


File:African Piri Piri Chicken.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Galinha à Zambeziana, or Piri Piri Chicken, as it is known by foreign visitors is a staple of the cuisine of Mozambique. Food from Mozambique is known to have a blend of African, Arab, and Portuguese spices.

Piri Piri Chicken is made with pepper, piri piri (chili) sauce, limes, coconut milk, garlic, and of course, chicken. It is usually served alongside a sauce-like dish cooked in a peanut sauce, called matapa.

To wrap up this post, some foreign foods are gyro, dosa, bún cha, macaroon, and piri piri chicken.

If you have any suggestions for other foreign foods, reach out to us in the comments or on the contact page.

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