The Best Hotels On Earth

Even though there’s thousands of hotels in the world, there are some that are just better than the others. In this post, I’ll be telling you the best hotels in the whole world.

Note: These hotels are in no particular order

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Mandapa, A Ritz Carlton Reserve

This property of over 14 acres, stretches along the Ayung River in Bali. With a total of 60 suites, this incredible reserve is an awesome place to stay at if you want to experience Bali in luxury.

The overall theme of this place is spirituality and relaxation, with sunrise and sunset yoga classes, exotic fruits by the poolside, and cocoons shaped chairs to sit in for dinner.

This hotel is a great place if you want relaxation but also an abundance of things to do.

Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi

Even before you get to this hotel, you’ll feel incredible. That’s because an actual yacht picks you up from the airport and takes you to the hotel.

Once you are at Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi, it’ll be even better, because of the beach, the amazing sea views, and because all 121 villas have a private pool.

I would recommend Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi for families, people who want to splurge, and people who love the beach.

Raffles Istanbul

Raffles Istanbul combines modern with old. Despite its super contemporary looks, Raffles mixes in the Byzantine history of the city into their hotel. From almost every room, you’ll see incredible views, and you also get luxury add-ons like lavish Turkish cloth, as well as metal and glass similar to what is in the Blue Mosque. The only possible downside about this hotel is that it’s a bit far away from the touristy places of the city.

The Peninsula Bangkok

This hotel is known for its architecture and amazing views of rivers and Bangkok buildings. But, something you’ll hear about in almost every review or article about The Peninsula Bangkok is its swimming pool. 88 meters (288 ft) long, with views of the huge buildings of Bangkok, this is an amazing place for photos and relaxation. The swimming pool here is known to be one of the best in Bangkok.

I would recommend The Peninsula Bangkok for people who like views, a great pool, and luxury.

Sofitel Legend Santa Clara Cartagena

Cartagena, Columbia

Much like Raffles Istanbul, Sofitel Legend Santa Clara Cartagena combines new with old. You’ll see archways, wood ceilings, and a very Colombian architecture in this hotel. It is also in a great location, being within a ten minute walk to famous tourist sites like the beach and the Palace of Inquisition. Views from the rooms either overlook the Caribbean Sea, the pool, the old town, or the hotel gardens.

I would recommend Sofitel Legend Santa Clara Cartagena for nature lovers and people who love history.

To wrap up this post, the best hotels in the world are: Mandapa Reserve, Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi, Raffles Istanbul, the Peninsula Bangkok, and Sofitel Legend Santa Clara Cartagena.

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this post or have any feedback, make sure to comment down below.

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