Five Tips to an Awesome Vacation in Thailand

Thailand is an awesome place to visit, but like every place, there are some tips to making your vacation even better. So in this post, we’ll be seeing five tips for a great trip to Thailand.

  1. Watch Out for Scams

Since it’s a well-travelled destination, you could come across many scams in Thailand. Sometimes you’ll see someone switch an expensive product for a cheap one and keep it at the same price, or book a tour of the city only to find yourself dropped off at a restaurant with incredibly high prices and terrible food (the restaurant gives the driver money for bringing you there.)

Learn more about the common scams in Thailand here.

2. Check the weather!

If you’re on a budget, May through October would be the best time to travel, because it is the monsoon season (rainy season). Though the weather might not be so great, prices drop hugely, so this is a good time to get great prices.

But, if you want to experience awesome weather, November through April is the time for you. This is the dry season, so you probably won’t see any rain. But, keep in mind that the prices will be higher and the crowds will be larger.

3. Go to the islands!

Thailand is known for its incredible islands, and if you don’t visit them, you’re missing out.

The ferries connect the islands, and you could easily visit multiple of them in one trip.

The most famous islands in Thailand are Koh Phi Phi, Phuket, Koh Pha Ngan, but the lesser-known ones might be for you instead.

4. Be prepared for mosquitos!

There are mosquitos all over Thailand, and they usually show up more in the dry season.

Make sure to pack mosquito repellent!

5. Don’t drink the tap water!

Tap water in Thailand isn’t good for you, unless you want a stomach ache for the rest of your trip.

Pack a reusable water bottle or buy disposable ones from stores.

Also, avoid washing fruits/vegetables with tap water, because that’s another way you could get sick.

To wrap up this post, my five tips for Thailand travel are: Watch out for scams, check the weather, go to the islands, be prepared for mosquitos, and don’t drink the tap water.

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