Greece Travel FAQs

Greece is one of the most travelled-to countries in Europe, but with that comes lots of questions. When should I visit? Is it safe to visit during COVID-19? What’re the best places to go in Greece?

I’ll be answering all those questions and more in this post.

Zakynthos, Greece

Is Greece Safe to Visit During COVID-19?

Greece has maintained a fairly low number of coronavirus cases compared to other countries, with a total of about 27,000 cases (as compared to same-population Portugal’s 107,000). If you live in one of the countries that is allowed to go to Greece right now (some include Canada, the UK, and the UAE), then travel will usually be unproblematic. It’s actually getting more common to travel to Greece now, because people want to experience the famous Greek summer without all the crowds.

So, the answer is, yes, it is safe, just make sure you are cautious.

Note: 27,000 total cases. Right now in Greece, there are about 5,000 cases.

What is the Best Time to Visit Greece?

Greece is a great year-round destination, but there are definitely some months that are better for visiting than others.

Each section of the year is a different “best time” to go to Greece. For example, if you want to visit the beaches, you’ll probably want to come on a different month than someone who solely wants to do sightseeing will visit.

This time of year…Is known for:
December-MarchRelaxing without the crowds, but keep in mind that it’ll probably be cloudy, rainy, and cold. I would not exactly recommend this time if you are able to visit later in the year. But, if you are coming for skiing, this is a great time.
April-JuneOne of the best times to visit. Great for both sightseeing and going to the beach. You will probably not experience rain, though in April there may be a few showers.
July-AugustThe hottest months, and also the most crowded. Though they are pretty good beach months, your trip may be ruined by the crowds and heat.
September- NovemberGreat time for sightseeing. Crowds are starting to go away, and it is cooler. The beach weather is pretty good too, especially in September.

So, in my opinion, the best months to visit Greece are April, May, June, September, October, and November. But, again, if you want to come for skiing or something like that or you’re fine with the crowds, then you can visit in December, January, February, March, July, or August.

Mykonos, Greece

Should I Visit the Islands or the Mainland?

If you have 7 days or more, I would say both. I would spend two days in Athens, 2 days in a town on the mainland, and 3 days on an island.

But, if you have less than 7 days (say you have 5), then I would spend two days in Athens and three days on an island, skipping the rest of the mainland.

If you’ve already visited Greece and have only been to the islands, then I would highly recommend the mainland, because it’s less crowded, very authentic, and has great scenery.

What Are the Best Places to Visit In Greece?

Greece is full of amazing places, but my favorite places there are:

  • Athens, the historical capital
  • Paros, a hilly, scenic island
  • Ioannina, a northern lakeside town
  • Santorini, an island famed for its amazing views
  • Thessaloniki, a northern seaside city
  • Corfu, an island known for its greenery
  • Nafplio, a quaint seaside town
  • Olympia, the famous home of the Olympics

Is it Possible To Visit Greece on a Budget?

Of course!

There are plenty of luxury destinations in Greece, like Mykonos and Santorini, but they can be easily turned into budget destinations (especially Santorini). The rest of Greece is pretty budget-friendly, including Athens. There are, of course, lots of luxury hotels and restaurants in Greece, so if you’re looking for luxury, that’ll be there too.

Hopefully I’ve answered all your questions about travel to Greece in this post! If you have any other questions, or liked the post, make sure to comment below!

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