My Favorite Travel Vlogs and Websites

There are so many interesting websites and vlogs about travel (not just mine๐Ÿ˜„).

This post will showcase some of my favorite travel vlogs and websites that’ll be a great reference to you for any trip.

(Note: These vlogs and websites are in no particular order.)

Santorini Dave

Category: Website

Santorini Dave started as a website for only Santorini and Greece travel tips, but now it’s expanded into a place for tips on visiting places all over Europe. It has definitely helped me with lots of travel tips and it a great site with best things to do lists, hotel reviews, and itineraries.

Santorini, Greece

Alina McLeod

Category: Vlog

Alina McLeod is vlogger who travels to places on the less travelled route. She’s currently exploring the Balkan region of Europe.

This is one of my favorite travel vlogs because it’s so interesting to see her go to places like North Macedonia, which I haven’t been to before and probably even haven’t considered going to. I definitely recommend this vlog if you want to learn more about off-the-beaten-track countries.

One of her latest videos

Dana Berez

Category: Vlog

Dana Berez is a travel and lifestyle vlogger whose channel features itineraries, travel tips, travel guides, and a bunch of other travel stuff.

I recommend this vlog if you like lots of travel tips but an energetic narrator as well.

One of her videos


Category: Website

Triptipedia is a travel encyclopedia. Over 800 travels writers from around the world post their travel tips on there, so you’re sure to find a travel trip for you.

Or, if you’re interested in writing about travel, that’s super easy as well.

Triptipedia is a great site for looking at other people’s travel tips on a single platform.

Gabriel Traveler

Category: Vlog/YouTube Channel

Gabriel Traveler has visited more than 70 countries, so he definitely knows what he’s talking about.

He has written multiple travel books and is currently visiting Turkey.

Gabriel Traveler

The A to Z of Travel

Category: Website/blog

The A to Z of travel is one of my favorite “Best Things To Do” blogs. But, they also do hotel reviews and travel guides.

This is a great site for learning about travel and getting the travel tips you need while also reading some really interesting information about cool places you haven’t been to before.

The wrap up this post, some of my favorite travel blogs and vlogs are Santorini Dave, Alina McLeod, Dana Berez, Triptipedia, Gabriel Traveller, and the A to Z of Travel.

If you have any other favorite blogs or vlogs, make sure to comment them down below! Thanks for reading!

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