Best Places To Visit In Greece

Greece is an amazing country that you should definitely visit. In this post, I’ll be telling you my favorite places to visit in Greece.

Usually, a post like this would contain lots of islands, but I’m going to put lots of places on the mainland as well.


Paros is an island in the Cyclades. It is one of my favorites because it’s not as touristy compared to places like Mykonos, but it’s still really beautiful.

Paros is larger than most Cyclades islands, and contains many orchards, farms, and even butterfly gardens.

This island is pretty hilly, and close to the center of the island is Lefkes, a cute little town in the hills. From there, you can take multiple hiking trails. The most famous is the Byzantine Trail, which ends in a smaller village of Prodromos.

The capital Parikia, and the second largest town, Naoussa, are both port towns on the sea. They’re both very peaceful, with restaurants lining the waters and winding roads.


30+ Free Ioannina & Greece Photos - Pixabay

Ioannina is a peaceful lake town in Northern Greece. It is the capital of the Epirus region of Greece.

There are two main reasons why tourists visit Ioannina. The first is because they want to have peace and quiet, and Ioannina is the perfect place for that, or because it’s their base town for hiking the Pindus Mountains of northern Greece (especially the Vikos Gorge, one of the deepest gorges in the world.)

Ioannina is the perfect town for relaxation, and the lake is so peaceful, and the town is so charming, if you’re in this area of Greece, you shouldn’t miss out.


Of course you have to go here. How could you not?

With Athens having so much history, this is a must visit city for people going to Greece.

For some reason, people love only using Athens as a port to get to the islands and spend literally two hours there, but you shouldn’t do that.

Not only does it have the Acropolis, it also has different neighborhoods, each with a different feeling. Kolonaki is fancy, the Plaka is touristy, Psiri is quaint, Exarcheia is artistic, and Monstiraki is for shopping.

Athens is a must-see if you go to Greece.


Again, another must-see.

Even though this island is very touristy and expensive, there are a lot of ways to stay away from the crowds and in a budget. (Read Greece On A Budget.)

The island is very beautiful, which is probably the reason why it’s the most famous island in Greece. The caldera (referring to both the water around the caldera and the cliff itself) was formed in a volcano in ancient times.

Buildings are built into the cliff and are known for their white and blue colors.

The other side of the island is home to most of the beaches (all of which have black sand).

Definitely visit Santorini on your trip to Greece, because it’ll be amazing.


Holiday Greece Nafplio - Free photo on Pixabay

Naflpio is a quiet seaside town on the northern end of the Peloponnese.

It’s only a two hour bus ride from Athens, making it a frequently visited destination.

The architecture of the town is 17th century Venetian, and it gives the town a very charming feeling.

Most people come here to relax and also see the other towns around it, like Corinth, which is a very historical city.


100+ Free Thessaloniki & Greece Photos - Pixabay

Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece, so when people want to visit Northern Greece, they usually come here.

But, Thessaloniki is a lot more than a stop to the other places.

Its main landmark is the White Tower (shown above.)

A lot of people come here to experience the history, because Thessaloniki has a lot of that, and a lot of museums.

Or, they come to just watch the waves roll by. Whatever you come here for, I’m sure you’ll like it.


File:The entrance of the stadium in Ancient Olympia, Greece - panoramio.jpg  - Wikimedia Commons

This city is the home of the Olympics.

Located in the Peloponnese, it’s one of the most frequented tourist destinations there.

Here, you’ll see many ruins of the original Olympics as well as lots of olive orchards.

This is another relaxing and peaceful town in Greece that you should visit if you love history.


Corfu is probably the most famous Ionian islands in Greece.

It is also known as the most green of the islands.

This island is great for hiking, because it’s quite hilly, but it’s also great for relaxing at the beach.

There’s lots of wildlife in Corfu, including, turtles, hares, and otters to name a few.

To wrap up this post, some of my favorite places in Greece are Paros, Ioannina, Athens, Santorini, Nafplio, Thessaloniki, Olympia, and Corfu.

Hope you enjoyed! If you did or have any feedback, make sure to comment it down below.

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12 thoughts on “Best Places To Visit In Greece

  1. Athens is a must to see once, but I had enough after that we spent a month in the city a few years back. I much more prefer Kefalonia, but there are so many islands to discover that it is probably impossible to get a grip on them all πŸ˜€

    In regards to the mainland, Acrocorinth was quite interesting with a stunning view from the top. πŸ™‚

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  2. Great post; I appreciate that it is not only the touristic side that is shown, beautiful landscape and white houses, but the historical dimension of this country where a good part of the western civilization comes from.

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