How to Pack Small For A Big Trip.

Despite the fact that most people aren’t travelling, there are still lots of people going on road trips, and can’t fit all they need in their car. So maybe that’s why you’re reading this. Or, possibly, you’re reading this because you have nothing better to do. That’s fine. Anyways… let’s get to the post.

Step 1: Grab your suitcase and everything you want to pack.

Ok… so we’re starting easy.

Step 2:

Lets start with packing clothes- follow these steps for folding shirts in a way that leave more room in your suitcase.

First fold in the sleeves of your shirt, then fold it in half, roll it up, and pack!

How to fold pants in a compact way? Take a look at these instructions:

Fold your pants in half, than roll it up- pretty simple, right?

Note: These tricks work with other pants (like jeans) and long-sleeves too.

Going on a more fancy trip? Here’s how to fold a dress or a skirt:

First, fold the top of the dress down (if you have a skirt you don’t need to do this.) Then, fold one side of it in, and then fold the other side over that. Then, just roll!

A great thing about this is that with most clothes, they won’t get wrinkly. (Jeans may be an exception if your trip is very long.)

Step 3: Pack

Next time your suitcase will look a lot better than this πŸ™‚

Here’s a chart to tell you little about these rolls:

Small MediumLarge
Shirt8×2 inch roll9×2 inch roll10×2.5 inch roll
Pant9×2 inch roll10×2.5 inch roll11×2.5 inch roll
Dress/Skirt10-11×2 inch roll11-12×2.5 inch roll12-13×2.5 (maybe even 3!) inch roll
These are approximate measurements

That means, a medium sized suitcase, about 26 by 18 inches (maybe a bit larger) would fit about 26 small or medium shirts.

Step 4: Don’t forget anything!

Here’s a checklist if you’re like me and always forgets something:

  • toothbrush/paste/any other things for your teeth (retainers, expenders, etc.)
  • Hairbrush/comb
  • Shampoo, conditioner, soap
  • Any makeup or skin stuff (lotion, sunscreen)
  • clothes
  • camera
  • socks, hat, sunglasses
  • shoes (but you should be wearing them anyways πŸ˜„)
  • Phone, wallet, passport, computer (that kind of stuff)
  • Anything to keep you not bored in a plane or car (book, paper if you like drawing)
And then you’re off!

To wrap up this post, this was some tips to help you pack for a long trip in a small suitcase (or even backpack!).

Hope you enjoyed, and if you did or have feedback, comment below!

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