The Most Beautiful Coastal Countries In the World.

Are you missing the beach? Are you missing the sunset over the ocean? Well, take a look at the places you so dearly wish you could have gone to.

This post will go over the most beautiful coastal countries in the world, in no particular order.

(I obviously can’t do every country, because that’s way too much, but if your favorite coastal country isn’t on here, put it in the comments below so that I can add it in.)


Oman is very beautiful coastal country in the Middle East. It is known for having beautiful blue waters, sandy beaches, but also a very interesting landscape in its mainland. Oman also has lots of history, being a historical country and being a neighbor of other historical countries.

musandam-beach | Beach in Musandam, Oman. | Ryan Lackey | Flickr

The Caribbean

Before anyone says it, I’m going to: I know this isn’t a country.

But, I didn’t just want to put one country from here, because there’s so many, and all of them are amazing. The Caribbean is one of the most well known island groups in the world for one overall reason: the varying landscapes. If you went across a single island, you would see forests, animals, beaches, and mountains. The Caribbean is definitely a place to go if you’re looking for a coastal destination.



Portugal is very famous for its coast. It actually mostly borders a coast, with Spain being the only land it is connected to. The coastal landscape of Portugal is a very beautiful, ranging from beaches to cliffs. There are also many picturesque towns by the sea in Portugal, so this country is an amazing photo spot.


South Africa and Mozambique

Being known for having some of the best coastlines in Africa, South Africa is a great coastal destination, along with its neighbor, Mozambique. I put these two countries together because they’re coastline is pretty similar (though I feel like South Africa is more cliffy rather than beachy) and because they’re in a common area. Both of these countries have amazing coastlines that are great for surfing, snorkeling, diving, or just hanging out on the beach.

Now, just to clear a little up for you, if you’re confused, I get it if you have never heard about the beaches in Mozambique… or that much about Mozambique at all. Turns out that Mozambique is one of the most underrated countries to visit in the world. Travel there has certainly caught on a little bit, but the country still remains pretty untoursity.

South Africa and Mozambique coastline


Greece, to a person who has never been there usually sparks a thought of history or islands. Greece actually has a huge coastline, being a peninsula and having around 6,000 islands. Located in the Balkans, Greece’s, coastline consists of cliffs (including some special ones like the lunar cliffs in Milos and the caldera cliffs in Santorini), sandy beaches (like the ones in literally all of the coastline), and there’s also colorful beaches, some of the most famous being in Santorini, but there’s another colorful beach, Elafonisi, in Crete. Known as one of the best beaches in Greece this pink sand beach has an island about 300 feet away, meaning that you can walk from the beach to the island.

Greece has a wonderful coastline, and if you like history and little idyllic villages as well, then this is a country for you.

Zakynthos, Greece

Thailand and Vietnam

Again, we have a combination. Both Thailand’s and Vietnam’s coast are very similar, and they’re practically right next to each other, with only Laos and Cambodia between them, so why not?

Both Thailand and Vietnam are known for having some of the best beaches in the world. The beaches there have beautiful clear water as well as fine sand and a great background scenery, making these two places amazing for photos.

If you like beaches, but also a sort of adventure through different cultures, then these two countries are for you.

Thailand (either left or above) and Vietnam (either right or below)


After researching this, I still wasn’t sure if Brazil really did have the best beaches in South America, but I went with it, because a lot of people thought it did. But, if anyone thinks otherwise, feel free to comment their thoughts below.

Brazil has the longest coastline in South America, as well as the largest land area. And, being home to the majority of the Amazon Rainforest, this country should be on everyone’s bucket list. But, we’re here to talk about the coastline, so that’s what I’ll do. It’s coastline is tropical, so most beaches are line by dozens of palm trees. The water, all of which is the Atlantic Ocean, is some of the most green you’ll ever find in the world. The weather in Brazil is pretty much always great for the beach, so you don’t really need to plan for the best time to go, you just do it. Also, a lot of the biggest cities in Brazil, like Rio de Janeiro are located on the coast, so beach excursions are very convenient.

Overall, Brazil is a great beach destination, especially if you want to mix in other things to do, because this country has something for everyone.

Brazilian Coastline

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has some of the best beaches and coastlines in the world. This country is a little underrated, and being closely associated with India, most people usually just go to India and skip out on this country, but I don’t think you should.

Not only does Sri Lanka have amazing beaches, its greenery and history is amazing as well. If you visit a beach, you are most likely going to learn some sort of history, as well as delve into nature a little bit.

I think that Sri Lanka should not be missed, especially if you’re in Southern India or anywhere closeby.

Sri Lanka


Ireland is known for having a great coastline.

I honestly think that Ireland and Sri Lanka are very similar: Both of them are island countries, both of them have lots of greenery and history, and both of them have an amazing coastline. But, going back to Ireland for now….

Ireland’s coast has many beaches, but what it’s most known for (and for good reason) are its cliffs. This country has a very jagged coastline, and most pictures you see of it sometimes look photoshopped, but truly, the pictures are very accurate, and the sight is even more amazing in real life.

I definitely recommend Ireland if you want a coastal country with a mix of the city and the countryside.



Being practically an island, Australia has no shortage of an amazing coast. Australia’s coast has many beaches, but a lot of times, its coastline is filled with orange colored rocks and cliffs. The beaches, though, are usually long, sandy, and are lined by trees and blue water.

I definitely think that you should go to Australia, especially if you like doing other things as well (like hiking, exploring cities, etc.)

Photo by Valeriia Miller on

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is surely one of the best coastal countries in the world. Along with having a tropical environment great for hanging out at the beach, this country also has lots other things to do, including hiking, fruit picking, and just exploring cities and the other parts of the country.

Costa Rica’s coastline is lined with beaches, but also with cliffs. Most beaches in the country are lined with coconut trees, as well as other fruits, like bananas.

I definitely recommend Costa Rica if you like the coast as well as a tropical feeling.

Costa Rica


Indonesia has a collection of 17,508 islands, making it the largest archipelago in the world. This country has hundreds, possibly thousands of beaches, and each of them are beautiful in their own way. The normal Indonesian beach is white sand, palm trees, and blue water, but there are some other colors of beaches as well (even pink!).

Indonesia also has lots of history and amazing architecture, especially in its capital, Bali. This country is also one of the most picture perfect out there, and any picture you take will be amazing.

I recommend Indonesia if you like lots of beaches, but also history and culture.


That was a lot of countries, so if you were here to find a country that you wanted to vacation to next, sorry, because I may have just completely confused you.

But, hopefully you liked this post, and if you did, comment down below!

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