Best Hotels In Athens, Greece

Athens has lots of hotels, from budget to luxury. In this post, we’ll be sharing with you our pick on the best hotels to visit in Athens, so that on your next trip there, you’ll know exactly where to go.

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At the end, we’ll put a map showing where these hotels are in Athens.

10. Best Western Plus Amazon Hotel

The thumbnail, oddly enough, shows the ocean (probably Santorini), but don’t worry, Best Western Plus is in the center of Athens, not on the further seaside end. The video, though is pretty good and gives a good overview of the hotel.

Best Western Plus Amazon Hotel is definitely one of the best hotels in Athens, because of its great location, pretty affordable prices, and comfortable rooms. Some rooms even have an amazing Acropolis view, which is one of the reasons people love this hotel. The breakfast is supposed to be very good, with customers giving it an 8.3/10. Most hotels get a 7 or lower, so an 8.3 is pretty good. This hotel is a great place to stay; you should surely consider it.

9. Perianth Hotel

View from Perianth’s Penthouse Suite

Perianth Hotel an incredible hotel, and definitely deserves a spot on this list. It’s a luxury boutique hotel with a great location in the center of Monastiraki close to the the train station as well as Ermou Street (a great place for shopping). The hotel itself has a wellness center and an Italian restaurant. Probably what draws most visitors here, though is the art. The hotel is filled with beautiful modern Greek art, and it just brightens up every room.

The Perianth Hotel is a great choice for a hotel in Athens, and if you like modern art and decoration, then this is a place for you.

8. Periscope Hotel

4 star hotel in the chic neighborhood of Kolonaki, it’s a very well decorated hotel, and has great views of Athens. You can see both the Acropolis and Lycabettus Hill from the best room they have, the Penthouse Suite. The Penthouse Suite also has an outdoor jacuzzi with views of the city.

The Periscope Hotel is one of the best hotels in the Greek capital, and you should undoubtedly stay there, especially if you want great views.

7. Electra Palace Athens

View from Electra Palace Athens

Hotel in the Plaka of Athens with 2 pools, one more famous one on the rooftop, with views of the Acropolis, and another one (indoor) in the basement. Rooms go up to three people, some of them with Acropolis views, but even those without Acropolis rooms can enjoy a great view from the rooftop.

Electra Palace is an awesome hotel, and a great luxury pick in Athens.

6. New Hotel

New Hotel Athens Video by Santorini Dave

New Hotel Athens is an amazing, newly renovated hotel in Plaka, and a few minutes walk from Syntagma Square. The reason why lots of people go here is because its decor is very modern and just fun to be around.

You should stay here for sure, especially if you like being in a very central location.

5. AthensWas Hotel

The incredible breakfast at the AthensWas Hotel

The AthensWas Hotel is one of our top picks because of its great location, food, and stylish rooms. This is one of the best (or the best) hotels in the Plaka and a great pick for a family visit as well.

4. COCO-MAT Hotel Athens

COCO-MAT Hotel Room

Coco-Mat Hotel is a hotel in the stylish neighborhood of Kolonaki, and is surrounded by all sorts of cafes, restaurants, and shops. It has great breakfast and a rooftop bar with incredible views of the Acropolis and Lycabettus Hill.

Coco Mat is a great hotel in Athens; and one of my favorites. I would highly recommend going here.

3. Andronis Hotel

View from Andronis Hotel Athens

Andronis Hotel, a small luxury hotel in the quaint neighborhood of Psiri. It includes an open air cafe with great brunch, private terraces, Acropolis views, and modern decor.

This is definitely an amazing luxury choice in Athens.

2. King George Hotel

View from the pool of the King George Hotel

Amazing location in Syntagma Square, and near other luxury hotels (like our No. 1 pick!!). All the rooms are incredibly decorated, with shops all around and a great breakfast.

Certainly an amazing hotel in Athens.

  1. Hotel Grande Bretagne, A Luxury Collection Hotel
Can you believe that this is what a room there looks like?

The most prestigious hotel in Athens (it’s even verified on Instagram!). All the rooms are beautifully decorated. Its location is amazing, it’s in the center of Syntagma Square! Its amenities include: a spa, rooftop restaurant, and a bar. You should definitely visit, even if you’re not a guest, because this hotel is amazing.

Athens, Greece

Here’s a map showing all the hotels that we listed:

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed, and make sure to comment below if you have any feedback!

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2 thoughts on “Best Hotels In Athens, Greece

  1. Hi, glad the Grand Bretsgne made the list. Whilst I didn’t stay there as its quite expensive (but glorious), we went to afternoon tea in the glorious cafe opposite reception. It was a beaufuk setting, very opulent and the service n food was excellent. My recommendation if u want a little splurge of luxury n pampering


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