The VERY Best Hikes In Greece.

When thinking of Greece, what is most likely going to come to your mind is not hikes. It’s more of islands and beaches. But believe it or not, Greece is also an amazing hiking destination! So today, I’m going to tell you MY five favorite hikes in Greece, from big hikes to small ones.

5. Menalon Trail

Datei:Stemnitsa arkadia greece.jpg – Wikipedia

The Menalon trail is a 46 mile (75 kilometer) stretching across the Peloponnese in Greece. Most don’t finish the whole trail, it’s just too long for them, but a lot do. The landscape during the hike is very varying, from mountains to deep green valleys. The trail also crosses through multiple villages and is split into eight sections, some harder to trek than the others.

4. Vikos Gorge

File:Vikos Gorge, Epirus, Greece 01.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The Vikos Gorge in Northern Greece is the Guinness World Record for the deepest gorge in the world. It’s about a seven hour hike, through green wilderness and gushing, blue-green rivers. This hike in the Epirus region of Greece starts in the little village of Monodendri (whose popularity is growing constantly) and ends in the even smaller, Vikos Village. Most people hike this gorge from Ioannina, a lakeside city a bit of a drive away from Monodendri.

3. Mount Olympus

Olympus mountain | Mount Olympus is located on the border of… | Flickr

You can’t not include this on a post like this one. Mount Olympus, The Mountain Of the Gods, is probably one of the most famous hikes to do in Greece. The steep slopes of this mountain do require some sort of hiking experience though, since some parts can be quite slippery and difficult, especially in the rainy season. In Ancient Greek Mythology, Mount Olympus was the residence of the gods.

2. The Fira-Oia Hike

Santorini Caldera hiking trail | Santorini is one of the Cyc… | Flickr

The hike from Fira to Oia in Santorini is breathtaking. Walking by the bright blue water of the Aegean Sea, through picturesque villages is an amazing experience. The hike starts in Fira (but you could always do it backwards and start in Oia) and it passes through the caldera-side villages of Firostefani and Imerovigli (to name the largest of them) and ends in Oia, at the tip of the island.

  1. Samaria Gorge
File:Samaria Gorge - Crete, Greece (3).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The Samaria Gorge is the most famous gorge in Greece and the largest gorge in Europe. Located on the western side of Crete, most trekkers come from the large town of Chania near it. The total walk is 10 miles long, taking about five to six hours. The hike itself isn’t very difficult, but the length is what most people have trouble with. But, the hike is so fun and scenic, that in the end, it’ll all be worth it.

Did you agree or disagree with any of my choices? Make sure to comment below to give us any feedback!

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