Country Combinations: A Guide To the Best Of Europe.

A normal vacation would take you to one country. Or state.

But, what if you twisted it up a bit, and did two countries?

So that’s why today, I’m going to show you the best country combinations in Europe.

Italy and Greece

This combination is classic. Two similar countries, but both with recognizable differences. They’re both homes of ancient civilizations, but they’re different sizes. Another things that’s different is the food. Despite coming from relatively the same places, they are really different. Greek food is full of veggies, meats, bread, and feta cheese. Italian food is usually heavier (though I’m not saying Greek food isn’t filling), with pasta, pizza, and a variety of cheeses.

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Wait… maybe you want two countries that aren’t that similar, unlike Greece and Italy. Here you go:

Czech Republic and Austria

These two are in some ways similar, but I could honestly not find anything else, so advice in the comments would be appreciated.

These countries border each other, so travelling from, say Prague (the capital of Czechia) to Vienna (the capital of Austria) wouldn’t be too hard. Both these countries are very beautiful and also full of history.

They’re both on my bucket list, and hopefully I’ve now put them on yours.

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And now this combination, for a lot of greenery:

Sweden and Denmark

These two countries pretty much border each other, since they’re connected by a bridge. Both Denmark and Sweden have so much greenery as well as an abundance of history.

Copenhagen and Stockholm, the capitals of Denmark and Sweden, respectively, are both great, fun places to visit. In fact, they are some of the most famous and best capitals to visit in Europe.

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And for our final country combination…

The Netherlands and Belgium (and maybe Luxembourg)

These pretty small, neighboring countries are a great country combination that is already really famous. Add on Luxembourg, and you get the whole set: Benelux. the BE standing for Belgium, the NE for Netherlands, and the LUX for Luxembourg.

Both history filled and scenic, these countries are some pretty amazing places to visit.

I’m going to name some things that these countries are famous for, even though there’s so much more than I can say: In Belgium, there’s some of the best chocolate in the world, the Anne Frank Memorial is in the Netherlands, and Luxembourg is just a fun, tiny country.

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Thanks for reading! Did you agree or disagree with anything I said? Comment down below.

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