An Adventure Out Of London, A Rare View Of England.

It’s always been about London. “You’re going to England? Oh, tell me how you liked London.” People always assume that if you’re going to England, you’re going to London. 

And it’s not like there’s a real reason not to. Most people, when they go to England go to London. Sometimes only London. And that’s what’s wrong. There’s so much more to England than London. Seeing the historical structures and green hills only make your trip better. So today, I’ll be showing you a rarer view of England. 


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London is amazing. I’ll start with that. This article’s purpose is to not stop you from going to London, but to inform you that there’s more to England than it.

I was originally going to make this an itinerary, but I decided not to, 1, because I’ve been doing a lot of itineraries and lists, and I want to try something new, and 2, because I didn’t think an itinerary would be the best choice for a post like this. So instead, I’m going to do a Q and A, with popular questions about this topic. I’ve also never really written about England before, so I think this will be fun.

Q and A

Q: So, what can you see in England outside of London?

A: There’s an endless amount, but I’ll give you three of my favorite: Stonehenge, a prehistoric set of large stone blocks placed in a circle. Sunsets here are amazing, and so is the history. Brighton, which follows it’s name. It’s full of creative and fun things to do, and it’s by the sea. And there’s also Bath, famous for its ancient Roman baths.

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Q: Should I not visit London on my trip to England if I want to visit other places?

A: That depends. If you’re short on time, and think that London (or big cities) aren’t a place for you, then yeah, go ahead. You can always visit again. If you want to visit London, but you’re also short on time, (say you have four days.) I would recommend going to London and another place, like Stonehenge or Brighton, since they’re pretty close to London. If you want to go to Stonehenge, do three days in London and one in Stonehenge, and for Brighton, split it evenly, with two in London and two in Brighton. But, if you really do want to visit London and stay for a longer time, just have fun there, and you can visit the rest of England sometime else.

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Q: Where to go for a seaside stay in England?

A: Brighton is a great option. It has beaches and great views out to sea. There’s also Margrate, which is also pretty close to London, and it is famous for its fish and chips and wonderful beaches. And there’s Whitby, which was actually the place Bram Stoker found insparation for his world famous book, Dracula. It is also full of amazing beaches, and cool things like donkey rides.

Whitby Harbour HDR [2] | »'Whitby Harbour HDR' On Black »Whi… | Flickr
Whitby, Yorkshire

Q: Do you recommend visiting London again on your second England trip, if you’ve already been there?

A: Well, even though this was a question to me, you should also ask a few questions to yourself. Did you like London? If you’ve visited somewhere twice, would London be like that? After thinking about these questions, you’ll start to get a good idea of what to do. In the end, it’s your choice.

Photo by Dominika Greguu0161ovu00e1 on– London

Do you have any questions about this? Ask us in the comments, and I’ll be happy to answer.

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