Four Travel-Related Things To Do During Quarantine.

Some people might be busy in quarantine, but sometimes, that big gap of time is hard to fill up. So today, I’ll be telling you four different things, travel-related, that you can do in quarantine.

  1. Take a Virtual Tour

Since we can’t exactly travel right now, taking a virtual tour is really important. You can visit museums like the Louvre, famous scenic places like the Grand Canyon, and so much more.

This blog shows you the ten best virtual tours you can do: The Best Virtual Tours of Major Museums.

And this one shows you some scenic virtual tours: The Ten Best Virtual Tours of the World’s Natural Wonders.

You can also go to Google Arts and Culture, which has thousands of virtual tours as well.

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2. Start A Travel Blog

I started this website in quarantine, and I was surprised on how much time it filled for me, but it wasn’t boring, it was actually fun. If you like travelling, and you want to write about it, a travel blog is a great choice.

Travel blogs can make you motivated every time you get a new like, follower, or even just a view, and it’s always so much fun for me to see my stats keep rising.

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3. Draw

Sometimes drawing or painting places you want to travel makes you feel a little better about not being able to go there.

And, even if you aren’t the best at it, hanging the picture up on your wall will, 1. Fill up that empty wall that you really need decoration on, and 2, will make you more motivated to actually go to that place.

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4. Travel!

Wait… what? Didn’t you think the whole point of this article was to show you things that you could do instead of travelling?

But, you still can travel. It can be a short road trip, where you camp by the stars, or you could explore your own city. You can still be safe when travelling.

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