10 Best Hotels In Fira, Santorini.

As mentioned in my previous post, Fira is my favorite town on Santorini. Today, I’ll be showing you the best hotels there. (Note:I’ll add some hotels in the Firostefani area as well.)

10. Kamares Apartments

The good thing about the Kamares Apartments is that it has a caldera view, which, for me, is a must in Santorini, and it is cheaper than other caldera view hotels. This hotel also has some private hot tubs. Kamares is located on the southern end of Fira.

9. Iriana Apartments and Suites

Iriana Apartments and Suites is a great hotel choice in the center of Fira. Every suite has a private hot tub, flat screen TV, and Cycladic architecture and decoration. Iriana Suites also has spectacular caldera views. Some suites have mini pools overlooking the sea.

8. Keti Hotel

Keti Hotel, like Kamares, is a cheaper (though not necessarily cheap) hotel with a great caldera view. Some rooms have hot tubs on private balconies. Keti Hotel is a five minute walk from the center of Fira. Its location is right on the caldera, giving it incredible views.

7. Adamant Suites

Adamant Suites is a wonderful hotel located on the caldera, a few minutes walk from the center of town. Adamant is an exclusive hotel with only 9 suites. You can enjoy a private balcony, or in some suites, you get a private outdoor hot tub. Each suite is beautifully decorated to give you your best experience.

6. Blue Angel Villa

Blue Angel Villa is a villa overlooking the caldera in the center of Fira. There is both an indoor and outdoor hot tub, three bedrooms, all of this in a 17th century Cycladic building. The location and views are so amazing, that this has to be one of the best hotels in Fira.

5. Aroma Suites

Aroma Suites is an amazing hotel in the center of Fira. The rooms are decorated traditionally, and some of them have private hot tubs overlooking the ocean. All rooms have superb caldera and ocean views, and the sunsets are so amazing from this hotel.

4. Panorama Suites

Panorama Suites is a hotel in the center/northern end of Fira. It has traditional rooms, amazing caldera and ocean views, and a pool. There is also a great a la carte breakfast. Some suites have a private hot tub, but all suites have a private caldera balcony.

3. Cosmopolitan Suites

Cosmopolitan Suites has one of the best infinity pools in Santorini. This hotel has amazing caldera and ocean views. There are ten separate suites, each with different decoration, but all with a traditional Cycladic feel.

2. Athina Luxury Suites

Athina Luxury Suites is one of the most prestigious hotels in Santorini. This hotel has breakfast, a restaurant, amazing views, a pool, and some suites have a private hot tub. This hotel is built into the caldera cliff, so that does mean there are a whole lot of steps to climb.

  1. Anteliz Suites

Why is Anteliz Suites my favorite hotel in the Fira area? Well, first of all, this hotel is a ten minute walk from Fira, so it has a relaxing location away from the big town. Also, this hotel doesn’t have as many steps. Anteliz has free breakfast, amazing views, a pool, and some rooms that have private hot tubs or even private pools.

Did you agree with my choices? Comment down below. I hope you enjoyed this post and will continue reading our articles!

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