Five Days In Sicily: Exploring Ancient Lands.

Sicily is the largest island in the whole Mediterranean Sea. It’s full of culture, food, history, beaches, and scenery. But why Sicily? Why not write about the country that it’s in, Italy? Well, many times, a trip to Italy means Rome, Florence, and Milan. Not Sicily, because it’s too far south. Usually, Sicily is saved for a second trip, sometimes an add-along to Naples. So today, I’ll be showing you how five days on this incredible island will look like.

Day 1:

  • Arrive at the Palermo Airport (Palermo is the capital of Sicily)
  • I highly recommend renting a car there- then drive to your hotel: Budget: Palermo Inn Bed and Breakfast– a typical hotel with nicely decorated room. The inn is a 10 minute drive from the center of Palermo. Mid Range: Porta Di Castro– Stylish 4 star hotel with whimsically decorated rooms and breakfast. Luxury: Grand Hotel Piazza Borsa– Historic, large hotel with stylish rooms, and free breakfast.
  • Then, just relax for a few hours, probably until lunch: You can have it at Trattoria Ai Cascinari
  • After that, you can start sightseeing:
  • Visit the Palace of the Normans, the seat of the Kings of Sicily during Norman Rule.
  • Then, explore Capella Palatina, a church famous for its extremely artistic ceiling.
  • Visit the Palermo Archaeological Museum, which has some of the best Punic and Ancient Greek collections in Italy.
  • Lastly, visit market El Capo in the evening, which has really amazing food. You can have dinner at any place you come across that seems interesting and have some dessert at Brioscia, one of the best ice cream stores in all of Palermo.
An aerial view of the Port of Palermo

Day 2:

  • Drive to Agrigento.
  • You may ask, why leave a place when you’ve only been there for a day? Well, even though Palermo is the capital, I would much prefer to spend my time at one of the smaller towns, though of course, it’s your choice. Also, with a short time of five days in an island the size of Sicily, you can’t really stay in one place for too long.
  • Agrigento is a wonderful seaside town on the south coast of Sicily most famous for its historical site, the Valley of the Temples.
  • Go to your hotel: Budget: The Sweet Life– a hotel in a former villa with fancily decorated rooms and some sea views from balconies. Mid Range: Collaverde Park Hotel– 4 star hotel is modern rooms, a Sicilian Restaurant, and a garden. Luxury: There aren’t very many.
  • After resting for an hour and eating lunch at Kalos, you can visit the Valley of the Temples.
  • This is one of the greatest historical sites in all of Sicily, and you don’t really need a guide, exploring on your own is perfectly fine.
  • Then, visit the Agrigento Regional Archaeological Museum, which is right by the Valley of the Temples. Then, take a stroll through the historic old town.
  • In the evening, but before sunset, go to Scala di Turchi, or the Stairs of the Turks, an extremely famous beach popular for its stair-like cliffs. You can watch the sunset here.
  • Return to the hotel
The Stairs of the Turks

Day 3:

  • Today, you’ll be exploring the beaches and wilderness of Southern Sicily, but before that…
  • Visit the market (which is held every Friday) and you can get breakfast there.
  • And also visit the Agrigento Cathedral
  • Then you can visit the beaches
  • Visit the Torre Salsa Nature Reserve: There are hikes, incredible beaches, and interesting animals.
  • As you are exploring, It’ll be lunchtime, so have a picnic lunch and continue exploring.
  • After that, drive to Sciacca, a wonderful town with picturesque boxy and colorful houses. This places is so cultural and scenic that I may have to write about the most cultural and scenic cities in the world. (Note: If you didn’t know, I was referring to my post: Want Culture and Scenery? These Five Countries Have Got Your Back.)
  • Then, as you are returning to Agrigento, stop at Capo Rosso Beach to watch the sunset. This beach is best known as a sunset watching spot.
  • Return to the hotel

Day 4:

  • Take an early drive to Trapani (In fact, since Sciacca is a lot closer to Trapani than Agrigento is, you could have stayed in Sciacca and just skipped the Capo Rosso sunset.)
  • Then, go to the hotel: I’m just going to put my favorite hotel there, Marina Bay.
  • Then, sightsee:
  • Visit the Ligny Tower at the tip of Trapani, the Twin Clock Tower and the Saturn Fountain, and the Contemporary Art Museum. In the middle of that all, It’ll probably be lunchtime, so have it in a place close to wherever you are at that moment.
  • Then, visit Erice Village, one of the best things to do near Trapani. it is an extremely historic town with a fortress and great sea views.
  • By the time you come back, it’ll be early evening, so just relax at the beach or in the hotel or just anywhere that you would prefer.
Castle at Erice Village

Day 5:

  • Take a ferry to Levanzo- part of the three Egadi Islands. Favignana is the most famous but I prefer Levanzo because it is so calm and idyllic. (If you are unsure of which island to choose, visit this post: Best Egadi Islands.)
  • Explore Levanzo Town and visit the beach at the town, Cala Dogana.
  • Then, take the Cave of the Genovese Tour. The Cave of the Genovese is a cave with ancient cave art. It is the most famous sight in Levanzo. This tour picks you up from Levanzo Town and tours the cave. It’ll return you to Levanzo Town after that.
  • Then, go to Cala Fragolione Park, Cala Minnola Beach, Cala Cold Beach, and just hike around the island. Make sure to snorkel in some places, because Levanzo is also a good spot for that.
  • Ferry back to Trapani in the evening…
  • And depart from Sicily!

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