A Trip to Maui: 6 Day Itinerary

Now, I haven’t been to every Hawaiian Island, but out of the three that I’ve been to, Hawaii Island (The Big Island), Maui, and Oahu, my absolute favorite was Maui. It had just the right amount of everything: soft sanded beaches, volcanic tunnels, wildlife, and just plain fun.

In this itinerary, I’ll be showing you the best places to go, eat, and stay, but also a lot of relaxing by the beach and in the forest.

Day 1:

-Arrive at the airport

-Rent a car there, and even though you don’t have to, I highly recommend it.

– Drive to the hotel, which is probably the best hotel I’ve ever been to: Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa Maui, which is a luxury hotel. A mid range option would be: Kaanapali Ocean Inn.

-After checking into the hotel, where you’ll receive leis and and puka shell necklaces. If memory serves right, you’ll also receive a box of chocolate macadamia nuts.

-This hotel is really incredible, and you’ll probably want to spend the next three hours or so relaxing after the flight, exploring the hotel, which hosts animals like parrots, penguins, and flamingos, and having fun at the hotel’s private stretch of beach and its two pools, one of which has a bar on it. Another thing that’s fun about this is that to get from one pool to the next, you can either walk, or you can swim through waterfalls. Like most people here, you’ll probably want to spend the rest of the day at the hotel: there’s an endless choice of things to do. You can have dinner at the restaurant by the pool.

The river at Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa Maui

Day 2:

-Jump on the boat Trilogy, to Lanai, an island with water so clean, on the beach, you can see the fish swimming through the ocean- and your toes. The boat itself gives you opportunities for snorkeling, and it is really cool, and you can also do a snuba diving experience. They serve a barbecue lunch on Lanai with food for everyone’s tastes.

-By the time you depart the boat, it’ll already be 6 PM. Come back to the hotel and relax at the beach and eat dinner at Japengo, a sushi restaurant. And have dessert at Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice, one of my favorite shaved ice places in Maui.

An evening view from the Trilogy

Day 3:

-Drive the Hana Highway

-Throughout the drive, you can do multiple hikes, some providing the best fresh guava, stop at the Halfway to Hana point, where you can have some shaved ice, and wander through the lava tubes just outside the town of Hana.

-Once arriving in Hana, it’ll be about noon, and have lunch at Hana Ranch

-Then visit Wai’anapanapa State Park, one of the most famous parks in Maui, where you can relax at a black sand beach. Several times a year, the tide pools there turn red.

-Visit the rest of the beaches there, like the red Kaihalulu Beach and the Honokalani Beach.

-About two hours before sunset, drive to Haleakala National Park, famous for its incredible sunsets and its stargazing after sunset. On a clear night, you may even be able to see Mauna Kea, a mountain on the Big Island.

-Make sure to pack a blanket and jackets, especially if you plan to go stargazing, because it can get very cold up there.

-Return to the hotel and eat dinner at any restaurant that you find interesting

The Haleakala sunset

Day 4:

-Visit Maui Ocean Center- Aquarium of Hawaii. It is a famous aquarium with shark tanks, a tide pool, and lots of other creatures

-By the time you finish it’ll probably be lunch time, so have it at the Beach Bums BBQ and Grill.

-Then visit Makena Beach and Makena State Park. These places are known for their amazingly blue water and greenery.

-Relax the rest of the day at the hotel and beach.

-Have dinner at Duke’s Beach House

Makena State Park

Day 5:

-Take surfing lessons! There are many surfing lesson places all over Maui, and if you find one, take it! It’ll be a lot of fun!

-The lesson will take about four to five hours, so best to start in the morning and finish by lunchtime.

-After the lessons, visit the Nakalele Blowhole, which is a place by the water with geyser like eruptions between lava rocks.

-On your last afternoon in Maui, just relax at the beach and have fun.

-Eat dinner at Mala Ocean Tavern.

Surfing in Maui

Day 6:

-Go to the airport and leave Maui!

Once we can all travel again, one of my top suggestions is to go to Maui. This island is really wonderful. Mahalo!

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