Want Culture and Scenery? These Five Countries Have Got Your Back.

There’s no such thing as perfect,” said pretty much everyone, everywhere. I bet even you’ve said it at least once before. If there’s no such thing as perfect, then a perfect combination must be an imaginary subject as well. For some people, though, the perfect, or at least almost perfect combination is culture and scenery. To see tall mountains and crashing waves, but also unique practices and beliefs. Well, drink in your culture and scenery, because here are five countries with perfection.


Maybe I’m biased. Maybe not.

I’m not.

Greece is one incredible country. In fact, it is one of the most visited in Europe, with over 30 million international arrivals every year. But why? Is it the history? The scenery? The culture? Maybe it’s all of those things, handed to you in a single gyro. The culture comes from everywhere. The festivals, the people, the tall monasteries of Meteora. The scenery comes from everywhere as well. Every corner of Greece, even the winding alleys of Athens has some sort of magic to it. The cliffs of Santorini, the beaches of Paros, the magnificence of the Acropolis. This country has stood for thousands of years. It isn’t going down soon.

A sunset in the island of Santorini, Greece, overlooking the ochre cliffs, white buildings, and deep blue waters.


This country is known for having some of the most interesting and unique cultures in the world. The scenery… well, who doesn’t like rolling green hills, waterfalls, and blue water foaming at the seashore?

This vast land is also home to some of the rarest animals in the world, like the Bengali Tiger, Indian Elephant, the Red Panda, and the Snow Leopard.

From north, south, east, and west, India is a fascinating country.

Beautiful view of golden sun rays surrounded by the colorful dense forests of Masinagudi, Tamil Nadu, India ©Wikipedia


About a million people come to Ecuador every year, and though it is a popular destination, it normally doesn’t pop into your mind the second you think about South America.

“So what is the culture in Ecuador?” You may find yourself asking that question. Well, think about the history. thousands of years ago, natives lived in Ecuador. They were extremely good artists and potters that put art on everything: cups, bowls, clothes. A remnant of this is still left in Ecuador today, with the artistic clothes people wear at festivals.

As for the scenery, well… the Galapagos Islands say it all, with the wonderful beaches, sculpted hills, and fresh greenery.

The green mountains and colorful homes of Ecuador.


One of my favorite countries in the world, the island nation of Mauritius, Africa is our next country close to perfection.

Probably the reason why Mauritius is as famous as it is is because of the so called “Underwater Waterfalls”, which is the reason why its looks like the water close to the coast of the island is moving in weird directions. The most famous spot for looking at these is Le Morne beach, one of the many beaches in Mauritius, and under the tall Morne Mountain, known for being an incredibly historic mountain.

Mauritius also has the tallest statue of a female deity in the world, adding on to its culture. There is one more famous festival in Mauritius, where people walk the whole island as a sort of celebration.

The mountains or Mauritius, with so much greenery it can be overwhelming.


Spain is another very frequently visited country in Europe. It is full of culture, history, and scenery.

The culture comes from the historic buildings of Madrid, the bulls of Seville, and the rock at Gibraltar(which I suppose could also be counted as scenery).

And the scenery comes from everywhere, the seaside at Barcelona, the old architecture of Valencia, and so much more.

All of that make Spain a place of culture and scenery.

The azure blue waters, tall buildings, and colorful homes of Barcelona, Spain.

The next time you travel, maybe you’ll want to pick one of these almost perfect destinations.

But keep in mind that there’s always the slightest possibility that perfection is real, since the person who first said it wasn’t could not have been perfect.

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