The Best 8 day Mauritius Itinerary

Day 1:

Intercontinental Resort


Day 2:

  • Go to Grand Bay

  • Visit the beach

  • Take a stroll on sunset boulevard

  • Have lunch at Blue Lagoon Cafe

  • For the rest of the day go to Cap Malheureux 

  • You’ll want to…

  • Visit the Red Church

  • and The Beach

  • Make sure to watch the sunset as well

  • Eat dinner at Inti

Red Church


Day 3:

  • Eat hotel breakfast

  • Drive to Port Louis- Leave at 10:15, there are many traffic jams between 8 and 9:30

  • Park in the Caudan Car Park

  • Go to the Central Market of Port Louis (also called the bazaar and it is on Queen Street) it is an easy walk from the parking place

  • Eat lots and grab a bag for a picnic lunch the next day

  • Then go to the Caudan Waterfront  (if you want lunch, have it, but the market is pretty filling)

  • Walk around, look at the tiny shops, and the water, and also get some food here for the picnic that you’ll have tomorrow

  • Make sure to visit the Blue Penny Museum

  • Eat dinner at Sailor’s Restaurant

Port Louis


Day 4:

  • Have breakfast at Le Skipper if you don’t want to have it at the hotel

  • Go to Pamplemousse Botanical Garden (bring the picnic lunch)

  • Explore it until noon and then have a picnic lunch on one of the fields of grass

  • See it more if you like, it is pretty huge

  • Then drive to Flic en Flac

  • Go to Flic Flac Beach

  • There is so much to do there like…

  • Snorkel

  • Visit the beach merchants

  • And hang out on the beach

  • Have dinner at Mon Plaisir Restaurant

  • Return to the hotel

Flic en Flac Beach


Day 5:

  • Go to Grand Bassin

  • Visit temples and Shiva and Durga statues (Durga statue is largest goddess statue in the world)

  • After seeing those things and seeing the monkeys all over there,…

  • Eat lunch at Le Bois Cheri Restaurant 

  • Go to Eureka Creole House

  • Old French Mansion 

  • Visit the museum

  • See the English Gardens

  • Walk the Moka River to the waterfalls

  • There is a great traditional Mauritian restaurant in the place and you can have dinner there 

Grand Bassin


Day 6:

  • Take the tour of the Seven Cascades- link

  • Make sure to pack some snacks (possibly leftovers from the picnic)

  • Go to Tamarin Beach and relax there for an hour or so

  • Then go to the Charmel Site

  • Visit the Earth of Seven Colors 

  • Make sure to visit the Curious Corner of Chamarel, full of illusions

  • Return to the hotel

Earth of Seven Colors


Day 7:

  • Do the Tamarin Dolphin Tour- link

  • Relax for an hour or two at the hotel

  • Climb Morne Mountain- this takes about 3-4 hours

  • Pack snacks

  • Spend an hour or two at the beach at Le Morne

  • Eat dinner at Blue Marlin, on the west coast of the island

Le Morne


Day 8:

  • Go to Trou d’Eau Douce

  • You can take a boat to Ile a Cerfs- stay there for about 4 hours

  • Then go to the beach of Bellemare

  • And now… it’s time to LEAVE Mauritius!

Ile Aux Cerfs


To learn more about Mauritius and if you want to visit any neighboring islands, visit this post: Mauritius or Reunion Island

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