Voyager’s Guide to Paros, Greece

Do you want to go to Paros, Greece? Keep reading and find out everything about this magical island: From where to go to what to see.

Table of Contents
1. Best Things to do in Paros
  • Parikia
  • Naoussa
  • Lefkes
  • Paros Park
  • Beaches
  • Antiparos
  • Other Villages
  • Valley of the Butterflies
2. Where to Stay in…
  • Parikia
  • Naoussa
  • Lefkes
  • Drios
  • Aliki
3. Best Restaurants in…
  • Parikia
  • Naoussa
  • Lefkes
  • Drios
  • Aliki
4. How to get to Paros By…
  • Plane
  • Ferry

Best Things to do in Paros

Parikia is the biggest town and capital of Paros. This town is full of narrow, cobbled streets and white and blue buildings. Parikia will probably be the first town you’ll see in Paros, since all the ferries come there if they are going to Paros, as Parikia is the main port on the island. 
Some things you might want to see in Paros are:
The Church of A Hundred Doors: Some people say that it is worth coming to Paros just for this. It is one of the most interesting things to do in Parikia because of its rich history and amazing architecture. 
The Kastro: An interesting place to visit; It has a temple of Athena and is a fun archaeological place to visit. 
The Byzantine Museum: A museum next to the church, which has cool artifacts to see from the 17th and 18th century.
The Archaeological Museum: This is a small museum, but really fun to visit. Many of the island’s ancient artifacts are in this museum. 
Ancient Cemetery: Some people say that this is worth visiting, so its on here, but the actual graves are not well cared for, so they are covered in overgrown grass. If you are short on time, I don’t recommend going here.
Livadia Beach: Livadia Beach is only about a 15 minutes walk from the center of Parikia. The beach can be crowded, but it is still a good place to relax after a long day of exploring the town.


Naoussa is the second-largest town in Paros. It is one of the most picturesque towns in Greece. It is a lot like Parikia, with narrow, cobbled streets and white and blue buildings, but Naoussa feels more cozy, since it is smaller, and there are less people there. If Parikia is the big city, Naoussa is the fancy seaside resort town. It is a great place to do shopping, there are many tiny stores selling handmade jewelry and clothes, and you can buy some as souvenirs of this great town. Naoussa is also home to some of the best hotels on the island.
In Naoussa, you would also want to see the Venetian Castle, which is a pretty cool place to see there and one of the most hisotrical places in the area. 
Even though Paros is an island, not all the best villages are on the coast. Lefkes is one that isn’t. Lefkes is a pretty village in the smack center of Paros. It is famous for its dark magenta flowers and amazing hiking trails. The most famous trail, the Byzantine Trail leads to another village, called Prodromos. The whole walk takes an hour. In the town itself, you will want to see the cathedral, which is one of the best things to do in Lefkes. 


Paros Park: 
Paros Park is a park northwest of Naoussa. It is famous for its amazing hiking trails with panoramic views of the sea. The park also has an open air cinema, which plays movies every night. After you finish hiking the trails, (it is best to take all three trails; they aren’t very long, to do them all takes about two hours.) swim in Monastiri Beach, a beach right next to the park. It is a famous beach in Paros to go to. 


One of the things Paros is most famous for is the beaches. Some are rocky, some are sandy, but they all are wonderful to visit. I’ll put a list of all the best beaches in Paros:
Kolymbithres Beach: One of the most famous beaches in Paros; famous for its odd lunar rocks on the beach.
Monastiri: I already mentioned this one; it is in Paros Park, and it is a great beach to relax at.
Santa Maria Beach: This beach is really long and has a private section as well.
Golden Beach: Golden Beach is famous for its golden sand (of course) and it is also a great place for windsurfing.
Livadia Beach: The closest beach to Parikia if you want to relax after a long day.
There are dozens more beaches in Paros, but those are some of the most famous.


Antiparos is a smaller island to the south of Paros. You only need about an 8 minute ferry to get there from Paros. Antiparos is famous for many things, one of them attracting celebrities like Tom Hanks, who has a house there.  The main town is where all the ferries and boats arrive, so naturally, it’s a lot more crowded. But, the other towns, like Agios Georgios are really great to visit, since they’re a lot like the bigger towns, but with less crowds. One of the best things to do in Antiparos is the Cave of Antiparos, where you see incredible stalagmites and stalactites. 


Other Villages
Another great thing to do in Paros is to go to some of the other, smaller villages. Some of them are: Drios, Aliki, Prodromos, and Marmara. Drios and Aliki are the largest of the four while Prodromos and Marmara are a lot smaller. Drios is one of my favorites because of its secluded location by the sea.
There are many little cafes and restaurants in these villages, and many of them serve delicious traditional Greek food.
Valley of the Butterflies
The Valley of the Butterflies is a valley where there’s a lot of butterflies in Paros (obviously).
If you go there, follow the signs saying petalouda or butterfly in Greek. But, keep in mind that there are only one kind of butterfly there. Even though there’s only one kind of butterfly, it is worth going here, since the butterflies are not like you would see anywhere else.
It’s a very fun and natural place to visit.

Where to Stay In…

Parikia is the city in Paros with the most hotels. I’ll show some budget hotels, mid range hotels, and luxury hotels.
Budget hotels:
Captain Manolis– a small hotel with clean rooms in the center of Parikia
Hotel Kontes– Hotel with clean, large rooms in the center of Parikia
Mid-Range Hotels:
Paros Paradise Apartments– Mid-Range hotel with amazing sea views of the Bay of Parikia, steps, away from the beach and a ten minute walk from the center of Parikia.
Casa Di Roma– A mid range hotel with a swimming pool and great rooms. It is one                                 of the best hotels in Parikia.
Luxury Hotels:
Sunset View Hotel– 5 star hotel with sea views and an amazing pool. Just steps away from the center of Parikia.
 Archipelagos Resort and Villas– A large 5 star hotel with sea views and infinity pools. About a 15 minute walk to the center of Parikia.
Paros Paradise Apartments
Budget Hotels:
Hotel Naoussa– Small hotel a 15 minute walk from the center of Naoussa. It has a big pool and some rooms have a sea view.
Augusta Studios and Apartments– A hotel in the middle of Naoussa with clean rooms and gardens.
Mid-Range Hotels-
Katerina Mare– A best-selling hotel in Naoussa with amazing sea views and spacious rooms.
Kanale’s Rooms and Suites– A mid range hotel with an incredible pool. Some rooms have sea views.
Luxury Hotels:
Saint Andrea Resort Hotel– One of the best hotels in Northern Paros. About a ten minute walk from Naoussa. There is a big pool and great sea views.
Hotel Senia– A luxury hotel with a big pool and in the middle of Naoussa. And free included breakfast.
 Studio Calypso– Hotel with big rooms and a five minute walk to the center of Lefkes.
Villa Byzantino– Hotel with spacious rooms overlooking the mountains and village of Lefkes.
Mid Range-
Paradise View Lefkes– Huge rooms with a great sea view. Can house up to nine people.
Sophia’s Traditional House– Big rooms with ocean views and a 10 minutes walk from the center of Lefkes.
Sweet Path Villa– Big rooms with a small pool and a balcony and garden.
Hotel Ivi– A small hotel with a garden and comfortable rooms. It also has a restaurant in it, Ivi Restaurant.
Dryades Family Hotel– A hotel with large rooms and sea views. And there are also gardens.
Micheala’s– Small hotel with garden views and spacious rooms.
Martineli Residence – Expensive hotel near Drios with sea views and a tennis court. The rooms are huge; there are five bedrooms.
Anixis Studios–  Small hotel with great sea views and gardens. The rooms are big and spacious.
Angeliki Seaside Hotel– Hotel with great sea views and a garden. A short walk from the beach.
Hotel Narges– Mid Range 4 star hotel with a pool and garden views. Just steps away from the center of Aliki.
Parosland Hotel– Hotel with a pool and five minutes walk from the beach. There is also a playground, fitness center, and spa.
Villa Theros– Big room with three bedroom and sea views. About 5 minutes away from the center of Aliki.

Best Restaurants In…

I’ll put the best restaurants for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.
Breakfast- Symposium Cafe
Lunch- Hellas
Dinner- Aeoli
Breakfast- Amelie Cafe
Lunch- Siparos
Dinner- Les Amis
Dessert- Nonna Crema
Breakfast- Ramnos Cafe
Dessert- {not many dessert options}
Breakfast- Anezina
Lunch- To Kyma
Dessert- {not many dessert options}
Lunch- Vassilis
Dessert- Sweet N Salty Paros

How to Get to Paros By…

Paros has a domestic airport that flies to different islands, and major cities in Greece like Athens. The airport is pretty small, but it does have good reviews.
Paros Airport
Ferry is the main way people go to Paros, since the island is considered the ferry center of the Cyclades. If you use a ferry, you’ll arrive directly in Parikia.
Paros Ferry Port
Hopefully, you learned a lot about Paros, and you know what to do if you go there.

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