Mauritius or Reunion Island

Both Mauritius and Reunion Island are popular tourists destinations (though Mauritius is more frequently visited.) They are also really close to each other.
So, let’s see which one is better for the ideal vacation: Mauritius or Reunion Island.


Mauritius wins this one. Most people go to Mauritius just because of the beaches. Reunion Island has great beaches too, like Plague de Trou d’Eau. But, Mauritius has really amazing beaches that beat Reunion’s like Belle Mare and Le Morne. 
View of Belle Mare Beach


For adventure, Reunion Island wins. Unlike Mauritius, who is famed mostly for its beaches, Reunion is more mountainy.  It has an active volcano, tall peaks, and awesome hikes. Mauritius has these things too (except its volcanoes are dormant), but it is mainly a beachy place. But, one really great place for adventure in Mauritius is Black River Gorges Park, which has great hikes, rivers, and waterfalls.
The tall peaks of Reunion Island


Mauritius wins. A ton more people come here than Reunion Island every year, so there are more facilities for tourists. Also, flights here from places like the US, England, and Australia are mainly less expensive than flights to Reunion Island. 
And to add more, Mauritius is really famous for its amazing beach resorts. Reunion Island doesn’t have many hotels, and they aren’t as enjoyable as the ones in Mauritius, although they are really great. And Reunion Island is a wonderful place to explore, but Mauritius is just more advanced in the tourism industry. 


Mauritius wins this one as well. Reunion Island is a French Island, so the language there is mainly French. That can make it a little difficult to communicate unless you actually speak French. (many do, but most don’t.)
In Mauritius, almost everyone speaks English fluently, although many speak French and other languages as well.
Talking   🙂

The Answer

If you count it up, Mauritius wins. But that doesn’t mean Reunion Island isn’t worth visiting. It’s really your preference if you prefer many spectacular beaches and some mountains and hikes, choose Mauritius. If you like hikes, panoramic views, and tall, incredible geography, with some amazing beaches, choose Reunion Island. Maybe you’ll even get to visit them both.
One of the beaches on Reunion Island


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