Best Egadi Islands to Visit

The almost invisible Egadi Islands of the coast of western Sicily are a great place to visit if you are going to Trapani on your Sicily trip. There are 3 main Egadi Islands, and I am going to tell you the best.

1. Levanzo

Levanzo, Egadi Islands
Levanzo is my favorite Egadi island. Little Levanzo, the tiniest island of the Egadi has a timeless feel to it. It only has a population of  200 people, so it is very natural and untouched by humans. The water here is clear, and since it isn’t too big, it’s a great place to visit in a day, but you can easily spend a whole week here without getting bored. Levanzo is most famous for its rich history.
2. Favignana
Favignana, Egadi Islands
Favignana is the largest and most visited island of the Egadi Islands. It is great for biking, and you’ll see many tourists renting inexpenisive bikes on the island to get around. It also has amazing clear waters and great history.
3. Marettimo
Marettimo, Egadi Islands
Marettimo is a wonderful island famed for its great waters for snorkeling. It is also a great place for hikers because of its look of a mountain rising from the sea. It is the furthest Egadi Island from Sicily, but it is worth it to go here.

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