Best States to Visit in the U.S.

America is a big country. Every state is different, so I’ll be listing the top 5 states to visit in the U.S.- and why. The other 45 will have to wait.


Manhattan, New York
You probably guessed it.
My first pick is….   New York!
Also, it says so in the caption.
Aside from being home to one of the biggest cities in the world, it also has a quiet(ish) side. It is full of different things to do, so you’ll always just want to see a little more. From 5th Street to the Niagara, New York is a great place to visit.
 Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California 
The second best state to visit in the U.S is… California. It’s the third biggest state. The north is different from the south, the center is different from the coast. With the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the east, San Francisco in the North, and Los Angeles in the south, there’s so many things you can do in this state.
Manhattan Beach, California
Clearwater Beach, Florida
My third favorite state is…. Florida. Wonderfully situated at the southeastern coast of America, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is a hurricane. Florida is famed for its wonderful beaches and great orange juice. It is also home to everyone’s favorite amusement park: Disney World.
Disney World, Orlando, Florida
Kauai, Hawaii
The 4th best state to visit in America is… Hawaii!
Hawaii is really great. It has about 15 islands. The sun shines here all day long. The beaches are clear and shiny, and the culture is fascinating.
Maui, Hawaii
Rocky Mountains, Colorado
5th best state in America is…. Colorado.
Colorado has never really been a “popular state”.
And because of that, its nature is very well preserved. The snow topped Rocky Mountains will take your breath away, while the “Mile High City”, Denver, will leave you wishing for more.
Denver, Colorado

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