Voyagers’ Guide to the Peloponnese

When someone says the word “Greece”, what most people think of is islands and the blue churches of Santorini. Here’s something new to think about: the Peloponnese. If Athens is the big city, then the Peloponnese would be the countryside. You might be thinking, “Wow, the countryside. Sounds fascinating.”  Guess what? You’re RIGHT!!!! Here’s some photos to convince you.

  Journalist on the run

 Kalamata, the southern point

 Focus Greece

Nafplio, the seaside city (see close by cities of Corinth, Mcyenae, and Epidaurus too.)

Olympia, home of the Olympics

Patras, the colorful big city

These are just a taste of the Peloponnese. To learn more, continue on. If you decide to leave, I’ll gladly let you miss out on the adventure of a lifetime.

You’re still here? I’m impressed. Anyways, the Peloponnese.

It’s the southern part of Greece. A lot of the famous ancient monuments still stand here. Most people think: “Hey, I like history! I’ll just go to Athens when I visit Greece!” It’s true that the Acropolis is the most popular ancient site in Greece, but DOES NOT mean that the others should be ignored. I would recommend, though, to go to the Peloponnese on a separate trip than the one of the islands if you have 2 weeks or less. The cities I listed above are probably the best places to go in the Peloponnese, but you should also consider Sparta and Tripoli, both great places to go.

 Tripoli, the city by the mountain.

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